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SAE Flange

SAE Connection Flanges are used to make hydraulic hose or hydraulic pipe connections of hydraulic pump and hydromotor outlets. In addition, welded or threaded models are frequently used to connect pipes to each other in hydraulic installation pipe assembly.
It is in the range of ½” to 5”, 3000 PSI and 6000 PSI. There are varieties such as butt type welded, socket type welded and threaded.

SAE_FLANGE_FLANŞ-ISO 6162 3000 PSI-01.png
SAE_FLANGE_FLANŞ-ISO 6162 3000 PSI-01.png

ISO 6162 3000 PSI

ISO 6162 6000 PSI

ISO 6164 350 400 PSI

CETOP Flanges

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