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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipments

Our Product Groups


The circuit elements that connect the hydraulic cylinder and the elements used in the hydraulic system are called connectors. Fasteners are the name given to elements such as pipes, hoses, unions, clamps.

It is the circuit element that provides the transmission of hydraulic pressure. Hoses used in hydraulic systems are made of synthetic rubber and cloth or steel wire braiding to increase durability.

consists of layers.

Mechanical systems working with compressed air are called pneumatic systems. It is generally used to convert ambient air into mechanical motion.

Apart from ambient air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are also used.


The roller is frequently used in industrial production where compression, pressure, lifting or linear motion are required.


Assembly Machines


Hydraulic valves are used to manipulate the flow of hydraulic fluid within a hydraulic circuit and are mechanically or electronically activated.

By commissioning its own hose manufacturing and testing center, Hydrointer manufactures the hydraulic hoses that our customers need in accordance with the norms.


It is an equipment that absorbs the fluid from the tank and then presses it into the system according to the principle of increasing and/or decreasing volume with the rotational movement it receives from the electric motor or internal combustion engine.

Attention to detail at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure we fully comply with all our customer requirements

we do.


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Hidrolik Kullanım Alanları


Oil and natural gas






Defense and Aerospace


Construction Machinery


Rail systems




MRO Maintenance Repair Operation


Machinery Manufacturing

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100. Yıl Bulv. Ostim Prestij İş Mrk. A/ 33-34 Yenimahalle 

Ankara Turkey

T: + 90 312 385 15 75

F: + 90 312 385 15 72

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G595 Clariant, 65929 Frankfurt, Germany

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